Choosing the right system for your home , informations and prices

The price of a Solarspot® system determined by a number of factors; sizes of room that it is required to light, roof type, distance from roof to ceiling etc.

Pricing your Solarspot system

Each Solarspot system is available in two base kit sizes, with four different angled adaptor options and up to five different extension tube lengths. With all of the possible system configurations this means publishing a simple price table is not an easy option – and probably more confusing than helpful.

In order to determine the cost for your project we prefer to treat customer enquiries individually and look at each system separately, ensuring each customer gets the best advice and most competitive price.

We therefore suggest that you contact us, by phone or email, with the following information; the size of the room to be lit, usage of the room, distance through the loft (shown as X on the diagram above), the distance between the joist and the type and pitch of your roof.

We appreciate that you are investing time, effort and money in adding daylight into your home, so we want to ensure that you get the product you need to do the job properly. For an immediate price on the brightest system for your home, call us on 01908 299117 and speak to one of our advisers.

The simplest way to order your Solarspot Daylighting System is to call us on +39 0332 700137 – lines are open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5.30 pm.