Applications for daylight systems

Studies have proven daylighting makes people more comfortable and productive. Reduced absenteeism, employee satisfaction and higher productivity are all bottom line benefits from the use of natural daylighting. An increase of just 1% in productivity could potentially provide enough financial savings to a company to pay their entire energy bill.

Of course, simply adding windows to a building is not enough, or not even an option in certain buildings. Daylight can also bring its own potential problems by introducing heat and glare into the equation. A good architect knows how to control, diffuse and use light to create a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Our quality of life, to a greater and lesser extent, relates directly to the amount of natural daylight we can access and enjoy.

When it comes to education, students who have access to natural light when they study are generally shown to have improved levels of concentration, and subsequently achieve better grades. And in health care, daylight increases our overall sense of well-being, which can dramatically reduce recovery times and improve general health rates amongst long-stay patients or residents of care homes.

In addition to meeting the challenge of providing daylight into buildings, designers are having to meet the challenge of increasingly stricter regulations regarding thermal efficiency and energy use. Solarspot® Tubular Daylighting Systems are widely employed across the world to provide the most efficient eco-friendly daylight solutions in virtually every building type.

With unsurpassed patented daylight delivery technologies, Solarspot® systems are able to deliver more light into the heart of a building, over longer distances and with greater efficiency than any other tubular daylight system. This superior efficiency allows designers to introduce daylight into areas that previously could only be lit artificially. It also allows for the introduction of daylight in a way that doesn’t compromise the thermal efficiency of a building.

To help give some idea of the vast range of Solarspot installations, listed below are just a small selection of examples to illustrate the potential of this system.

Industry sectors:

Specialist applications:

  • Green roof
  • Through-wall
  • Underground