Applications for daylight systems


New regulations regarding the incarceration of prisoners for periods of over 24hrs has the potential to a render large number of custodial facilities redundant. Recent European legislation decrees that individuals in custody are entitled to a supply of natural daylight to their cells.

SolarspotĀ® Tubular Daylighting Systems (TDS) allow for a high level of daylight to be piped through a small tube to meet the standards of daylight required without compromising security.

Light can be piped either from the roof, or through the wall, from virtually indestructible domes, via super-reflective Vegalux tubing, and then distributed into the cell through a secure diffuser. With a tube diameter of only 250mm, far too narrow to present a security risk yet providing light for an area of 12-15sqm.

For larger areas, additional system sizes from 375mm to 900mm provide building designers to provide all the natural light required. And with a range of security bars and secure ceiling diffusers, can be assured that there will be no compromise of security.