Applications for daylighting systems


In addition to the many obvious benefits of providing natural light to buildings; reducing energy costs, cutting carbon emissions etc., daylight also brings health benefits. The inclusion of natural daylighting systems into new builds or has part of a refurbishment will do more than just save on utility bills and reduce CO2, they will provide long-term benefits to residents and staff that have the potential to greatly exceed the savings made on the buildings fuel bills.

The evidence for the beneficial effects of daylight on the human body is well established and for most people, something that is taken for granted. However, if you are a resident of a care home or confined to a hospital bed, your options are greatly reduced. The detrimental effects of daylight deprivation are well known and yet often over looked by building designers. And the staff and residents of these establishments are usually the ones to suffer.

The addition of systems like SolarspotĀ® to provide daylight into day-rooms, dining areas, bedrooms and corridors of care homes, day centres and hospitals can dramatically increase the health and well-being of both residents and staff, which in turn translate into additional money saving for the organisations running such facilities.