Applications for daylighting systems


With pressure on designers and developers to squeeze more houses into increasing smaller spaces, it is inevitable bathrooms and corridors will be created within the centre of buildings, therefore losing the option of natural lighting via traditional windows. Solarspot® tubular daylight systems offer building designers the option to deliver daylight into the heart of any home, covering distances of up to 12 meters.

The addition of a single Solarsot® D-25, 250mm diameter, system into a top floor internal bath or shower room, or a Solarspot® D-38, 380mm diameter, system at the top of a two story flight of stairs in a terraced townhouse can dramatically increase the sense of light and space for the future occupants.



Extending a home will often result in windows being lost or the room size being increased to the point where natural light can no longer reach into the back room. The utilisation of Solarspot tubular daylight technology can allow increased flexibility for designers, developers and architects, allowing more options for the new building layout without compromising the natural light levels.