Applications for daylight systems


In a 1999 study undertaken by Heschong Mahone Group HMG (Skylighting and Retail Sales) studying a US retail chain with 108 stores, it was calculated that the stores were lit with natural daylight achieved sales 40% higher than those lit solely using artificial light.

In a second study at a new ‘green’ McDonalds store the inclusion of a number of tubular daylighting systems has reduced the energy used by around 24% compared to a standard outlet of similar size.

Both findings are hardly surprising. Natural light makes feel better and colours look as they should, so it makes sense that customers will be more inclined to spend longer in retail outlets and therefore likely to spend more money.

And if daylight can be used in association with intelligent lighting solutions, the requirement for electric lighting, all day – every day, can be dramatically reduced. The net result is that natural lighting solutions have the potential to provide significant savings to retail chains whilst boosting sales.

The photograph above shows a Lisbon supermarket that has had a number of Solarspot® D-38 open-ceiling systems installed to provide supplementary daylight into the store. The objective was to help balance the levels internal light with those outside of the store. On bright days the store reflects the external levels enhancing the shoppers experience and reducing the contrast when entering or leaving the store.