Solarspot D-25 the brightest light pipe for your bathroom

“The light tube was installed today and instead of a bathroom that looked like a black hole I now have a proper room with daylight… I cannot express my total delight at the transformation… To anyone thinking of a sun pipe I recommend Solarspot as being an extremely efficient source of light.”

If you suffer from a dark, windowless bathroom you are not alone. The bathroom is often neglected in the natural light department. When homes are extended the bathroom often enveloped by other rooms that take priority in the window department and even if there is a window, it’s the size of postcard, uses obscured glass and faces the neighbour’s house a few feet away. All of which make the window virtually redundant as a source of useful daylight.

And if you live in a new-build house, then your bathroom or en-suite was probably never even designed with a window in mind as there is no requirement under planning rules to include natural light in these areas of a building. However, help is at hand. As long as there is space above your bathroom or en-suite, the installation of a Solarspot sun tunnel is relatively straight forward and days of the black-hole bathroom can be banished forever.

The Solarspot D-25 is the perfect choice for most en-suites and bathrooms. Despite being only 250mm, 10 inches, in diameter, the Solarspot D-25 is able to provide enough light for spaces up to 12 square meters. The system is small enough to fit through even the narrowest standard joist gaps and is effective up to 6m in length.

See the Solarspot D-25 in action with this video

Fitting is straight forward and can be done as a DIY project for the competent among you. Alternatively why not use one of our registered installers.Systems are installed in one day with no mess or need for redecoration. They take the stress out of the process for you and all work is guaranteed. Contact us now for information.

All Solarspot systems employ patented design and technology to ensure that our customers get the maximum levels of daylight for their home. In fact, when it comes to daylight deliver, no other solar tube style system comes close to us for value or performance. Find out all you need to know before you look at any other sun pipe –read the independent BRE report, the only independent testing for UK sun pipe systems. And if you’re still not convinced, see what our customers saying about Solarspot systems fitted in their homes.