Solarspot – more than just light at the end of the tunnel


“…We were amazed at what a difference the Solarspot tube makes. At first I kept thinking I needed to turn the hall light off… We wondered why we hadn’t done it before. It surpassed our expectations.…”

It’s a fact of life that hallways, particularly in bungalows, are at the back of the queue when windows are being allocated. In most buildings corridors, by necessity, are located between the rooms they service and so it would be impossible to fit a standard wall mounted window.

You could install fanlights above the doors, fit glazed doors or just leave them open all day in the hope of bringing in some borrowed light. Alternatively, you could install a Solarspot sun pipe to bring in an abundance of natural light to brilliantly and evenly illuminate your hall way.

Because a Solarspot takes its light from above it is less susceptible to obstructions like over-hanging trees or surrounding buildings. Daylight is captured by the patented technologies in the dome and then transported down the ultra-reflective tubing before being evenly spread around by the diffuser .

A Solarspot sun tunnel can transform a dark hall in a matter of a few hours. It is normally a straight forward insulation that can be carried out in half a day with no need for any structural modifications or redecoration.

Watch the video of this bungalow hallway

Choosing the right system for your hall

For the average home with a two or three meter hallway, a Solarspot D-25 will be more than sufficient to let the daylight in. If you have a longer hall or a hallway that has a turn, or dog leg, then you may want to consider multiple systems to ensure an even spread of light.

For larger corridors and wider hallways a Solarspot D-38 will really let the daylight flood in – lighting spaces up to 22 square meters.

With patented and unrivalled performance in the 325-425mm solar tube sector, the Solarspot D-38 is the system that’s sets the standard for larger residential spaces. To find out more you can read the summary of the UK’s only independent report and see the difference for yourself.

And don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers say about the Solarspot systems fitted in their homes.