Solarspot D-38 puts daylight on the menu for dark and gloomy kitchens

“…We are absolutely delighted with our D-38 solar tube… It has been fitted in a north facing kitchen, which was very gloomy and dark. We cannot believe the difference! Even with a grey sky it is still creating natural light. It is so much brighter… we are so pleased and will definitely recommend Solarspot.”

Over the last few years the kitchen has changed from being a small functional space for cooking into becoming the heart of the home. Kitchens are the rooms most likely to be extended and the rooms that receive more expenditure per square meter than any other area of the home. And yet the net result of this work can leave your kitchen without the natural light that is so desperately desired.

The kitchen featured in the main photo is one such example. Follow extensive improvements and the fitting of a completely new units, the owners of this stylish kitchen were still disappointed at the amount of light from the large, but north-facing, window. Whilst most of the house was two-storey, the kitchen extension was only single-storey so the installation of the two Solarspot D-38 sun pipes was relatively straight forward.

With some minor adjustments to the joists, the systems were all installed in a day with the benefits being clearly apparent to all. The D-38s provide a huge amount of natural light, even on dull days and have transformed the kitchen into the sort of space that the owners had always wanted.

Whilst this example uses two larger D-38 systems due to the size of the room and the expectations of the owner, if you have a smaller kitchen or just want to light up a dark corner then a 250mm Solarspot D-25 could be more than adequate to provide the light that you need. For help and advice for the best system for your kitchen you can call or email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Solarspot – the brightest by miles

With patented and unrivalled performance in the 325-425mm solar tube sector, the Solarspot D-38 is the system that’s sets the standard for larger residential spaces. To find out more you can read the summary of the independent BRE report and see the difference for yourself.

See a video of the Solarspot D-38 in action on our You Tube page

See the Solarspot D-38 being installed in the kitchen below

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