Solarspot daylight solutions, sun pipes for dark or windowless landings

“…Familiar problem stairs and landing with no natural light. Solarspot D-38 light pipe fitted in approximately 4 hours… Transformation remarkable! Stairs and landing now has light flooding in, the result is better than expected…”

It’s a common problem that affects millions of homes across the UK, dark and windowless landings. Either by design or evolution, it is often the forgotten room and yet a dark landing can have implications for the whole of your house. Bedroom doors are wedged open to allow some light in or electric lights are inadvertently left on wasting expensive electricity.

There’s also the issue of safety. To have the area at the top of a flight of stairs in darkness is far from ideal and is potentially an accident waiting to happen.

A Solarspot sun tunnel can transform a dark landing in a matter of a few hours. It is normally a straight forward insulation that can be carried out in half a day with no need for any structural modifications or redecoration.

Choosing the right system for your landing

For the average home with a stair case and a parallel landing, a Solarspot D-25 will be more than sufficient to let the daylight in as it’s suitable for spaces up to 12 square meters.
For larger spaces, square and galleried landings a Solarspot D-38 will really let the daylight flood in – lighting spaces up to 22 square meters.

In the extremely competitve 325-425mm solar tube sector, the Solarspot D-38 is the system that’s sets the standard for larger residential spaces. When it comes to patented and unrivalled performance, no other system comes close. In recent independent tests, the Solarspot was proven to be significantly more efficient than either the Solatube or SunPipe – read a summary of the BRE report and see the difference for yourself.

And if that hasn’t persuaded you, read what our customers say about the systems fitted in their homes.