Solarspot D-38 maximum daylight delivery for living rooms, dining rooms and studies

“…our extension had robbed the living room of natural light… the addition of the Solarspot has actually made the room brighter than it originally was…”

With the cost of moving at an all-time-high, extending the home that we are already in is now the first choice for house holders needing more living space. Ground floor extensions and conservatories seem the obvious choice for those needing more space but there’s often a consequence that is only realised when the work is complete. As the walls and windows of the house are pushed out, the original rooms can be left dark and gloomy.

The main picture, and the one immediately below, shows the before-and-after of exactly this scenario. In the process of adding vital space to this 1960’s bungalow, the original living room was robbed of natural light making it dark and un-welcoming.

The addition of a single Solarspot D-38 has transformed the space making is a bright place to sit and relax. The customer also had a smaller D-25 system fitted in their interior bathroom. Both systems were fitted in around six hours with no mess or fuss.

The Solarspot D-38 has a diameter of 375mm, approximately 15 inches, and is capable of lighting spaces up to 20 square meters. For larger spaces multiple systems can be employed to provide the desired levels of natural light.

When it comes to performance and value, the Solarspot D-38 is out in front in the 325-425mm solar tube sector. It’s the system that sets the standard for larger residential spaces, delivering around 70% more daylight than the equivalent sized system from Solatube – the Solatube 290DS. This figure is illustrated in an independent test carried out by the respected Building Research Establishment in Hertfordshire. You can read the summary of the BRE report and see the difference for yourself – full copies of the report are available on request.

See a video demonstarion of the D-38 system in our office.

Ultimately, the most important verdict is that given by our customers, read what they have to say about the Solarspot systems fitted in their homes.