Solarspot® LED systems – Intelligent Lighting Solutions

For architects and building designers needing to provide daylight solutions with guaranteed minimum light levels, Solarspot® International has introduced SILS – Solarspot Intelligent Lighting Solutions.

The system utilises interactive LED light technology synchronised to Solarspot daylight systems to provide a totally integrated and stable light source. Each Solarspot ceiling diffuser is fitted with a circular bank of dimmable LEDs. The unit is then controlled by a light sensing panel mounted in the area being lit to ensure that the minimum pre-set light levels are maintained.

Throughout the day the levels of ambient light are continually monitored. As the level of external light (daylight) increases, the LED unit is dimmed accordingly. When the external light level increase to the point that the pre-set minimum internal level is reached the LED is switch off. If the level of daylight drops past the minimum pre-set level, the LEDs seamlessly fade in to provide a consistent light level to the occupants of the room. As the day progresses, and the external daylight levels drops, the LEDs take over and provide the required light levels for the room.


Energy saving potential

For buildings that are occupied predominantly during daylight hours, the energy saved from only using electric lighting when the daylight levels are insufficient to provide the required levels could be as much as 85%. For building occupied for longer periods of the day, the savings with be commensurate with the hours of occupation. The advantage of the system is that it removes the human intervention factor – people arriving in the dark and then leaving the lights on all day, or just turning on the electric lights by force of habit.

Improved comfort

Through constant monitoring and adjustment of the light within the space, the building designer or owner can pre-set the minimum levels of light appropriate for the space in the knowledge that these will be consistent and will not be interfered with.

Reduced maintenance costs

By controlling and regulating the use of the electric light systems the working life of luminaires can be greatly increased. This not only reduces the cost of replacing individual lamps or luminaires but the often greater cost of access and labour. By considerably reducing the demand on the luminaires life expectancy can be greatly increased.

Breeam and carbon footprint reduction

Solarspot tubular daylighting systems and SILS can make significant reductions to a buildings’ carbon footprint and contribute to its BREEAM points total.


LED-25 per il Solarspot D-250 2000 lm (round)
LED-38 per il Solarspot D-375 4400 lm (round) // 8000 lm (square)
LED-53 per il Solarspot D-530 8000 lm (round) // 10000 lm (square)
LED-65 per il Solarspot D-650 12000 lm (round) // 16000 lm (round)
LED-90 per il Solarspot D-900 16000 lm (round) // 25000 lm (round)