Vegalux™ angle sections from Solarspot®


In order to ensure that you can install a Solarspot ® Daylighting System into virtually any situation there are a variety of adjustable angle adaptor extensions available.

Each angle is formed by twisting the junction of the extension and can create a turn of up to 30 degrees. Angle sections are made from super-reflective Vegalux™ tubing and available for all size.

Is daylight lost when an angle is used?

The simple answer is ‘yes’. That is why it is vital to use the most efficient tube system if you want to guarantee maximum daylight delivery. For example, a 90 degree bend made with a 98% reflective tube system will lose around 24% of its energy (light) as the light passes through it. A 90 degree bend made with a Vegalux™ angle adaptor will only lose around 5%.