Choosing the right daylighting system for your home

Solarspot ® D-25 –
250mm diameter TDS

At only 250mm (10ins) in diameter, the Solarspot ® D-25 system is the smallest in our range, and designed to fit between the closest rafters or joists yet will deliver an astonishing amount of daylight – significantly more light than any of its nearest competitors and at least 10 times more than a flexible-duct system.

The Solarspot ® D-25 is ideal for lighting;

  • Bathrooms and en suites
  • Cloakrooms and shower rooms
  • Corridors and lobbies
  • Landings and hallways
  • Dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes
250mm diameter Solarspot
Max length (recommended) 8m
Coverage up to: 12sqm
Max Lumen 1.8m 4800
Suitable for all roofs  


Solarspot ® D-38 –
375mm diameter TDS

At 375mm (15ins) in diameter, the Solarspot ® D-38 system is designed to deliver even more brilliant daylight into your home. In this size category, nothing else comes close in terms of performance, with daylight levels up to 60% higher than those of its nearest rival.

The Solarspot D-38 is perfect for lighting larger rooms such as kitchens, living rooms and studies as well as larger hallways and corridors.

The Solarspot D-38 is ideal for lighting;

  • Bedrooms
  • Wider corridors
  • Larger bathroom and toilet areas
  • Kitchens and living spaces
  • Offices and study areas
  • Workshops
375mm diameter Solarspot
Max length (recommended) 11m
Coverage 22sqm
Max Lumen 1.8m 10,200
Suitable for all roofs