Solarspot ® diffusers

Our philosophy at Solarspot is not only to deliver the maximum amount of natural daylight possible from any Tubular Daylight System, but also to ensure that where the light enters the room we offer a stylish range of diffusers to compliment your interior.

Solarspot ® diffusers not only distribute the daylight evenly around the room, they are designed to ensure that they produce the maximum thermal efficiency, keeping heat out in summer and in during the winter.

They’re also UV shielded to help prevent the fading of carpets and furnishings.

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Solarspot ® Diffusers


Perlato™ Diffuser

This simple yet elegant flashing is designed to blend into any room style.

Prismatic Diffuser

For a more hi-tech look, the Prismatic diffuser adds a touch of interest and sparkle to your Solarspot system.


Fleur Vision Diffuser

For something a little different, why not consider the Fleur Diffuser. Unusual yet stylish, the Fleur Diffuser makes a real statement in any room. The Fleur Vision Diffuser is available in clear or pearled finishes.