Solarspot ®
buy with confidence – more light for your home

No other system will deliver as much light to your home through an equivalent size or length of pipe and that’s a fact.

Light up your home with Solarspot ®

Nothing lights up a home like a Solarspot ® tubular daylighting system. Solarspot’s advanced technologies and patented design ensure that the maximum amount of daylight is delivered into dark and windowless areas of your home. In fact, size-for-size, no other daylighting system comes close to the natural light delivery of a Solarspot. In a recent test carried out at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) , comparing the Solarspot with the Solatube; in a side-by-side installation, the D-38 Solarspot would deliver around 69% more light than the Solatube 290DS .

Choosing the right daylighting system for your home

The size of daylighting system you require will depend on the room or space that you want to light. A hallway will require less natural light than a bedroom or bathroom. A kitchen or study may require more natural light than a living room which is predominately used in the evening.

 Lighting a dark landing or hallway

For most applications a Solarspot ® D-25 will deliver more than enough natural daylight for a dark or windowless landing or hallway, lighting an area of up to 15 sqm. For larger longer hallways and corridors multiple daylighting systems can be employed to ensure and even spread of natural light throughout the space.

Lighting a windowless bathroom

Whether by design or evolution, bathrooms, shower rooms and en suites can end up without a window. The addition of a Solarspot D-25 can dramatically transform such spaces, often providing more natural light than could be expected from a small frosted glass traditional window.

Solarspot systems can also be combined with an integral electric light, for night time use, and electric ventilation – reducing ceiling clutter where space is usually at a premium.

Brightening a dull kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home, or so we’re told. More money is spent on kitchens, whether improving or extending than any other room in the home and yet the net result can often be a dark and gloomy space.

When building an extension, the windows of a room are pushed out into the garden, meaning that daylight no longer gets deep into the back of the room, and this is most prevalent in kitchen extensions. If you’ve discovered that your kitchen extension has left you with dark areas, the addition of one or more Solarspot D-38 tubular daylighting systems can allow the daylight to flood back in.

Light up an extended living room

A room can be dark for a variety of reasons; the growth of over-hanging trees, fitting big, heavy curtains, the addition of a conservatory will all work to restrict natural light from a room. The addition of one or more SolarSpot D-38 daylighting systems can not only make up for the lost natural light but provide greater light levels than previously experienced. By bringing in light from above, obstacles like conservatories and curtains cannot interfere with the daylight entering the room.

“I had two Solarspot light tunnels installed in our bungalow recently and the difference it has made to the areas is amazing. The work was carried out to a very high standard and i would have no hesitation in recommending the product and service given.”

Fred B , Stanion, Northants.

Brighten your study or workshop

With more of us now working from home it is vital that sufficient natural light is delivered to home work spaces. Working in conditions of restricted, or even non-existent, daylight is proven to be detrimental to efficiency and performance.

Enlightened employers have long since recognised the benefits of natural daylight to the work-place. Working in natural light helps reduce eye strain, improves concentration and creates to a greater sense of well being – all factors that improve general efficiency and performance. Install Solarspot systems in your study or workshop and reap the immediate benefits of working in natural light with the brightest Solar tubes on the Market. Read the BRE report click here .