Solarspot®RIR®– Light Funnel

It sounds obvious to say but it seems to be a fact that has eluded most other manufacturers, to get the maximum amount of light out of a system, you have to get the maximum amount of light in. Only Solarspot®systems use the patented RIR®‘Light Funnel’ system combined with our crystal-clear dome to ensure that the maximum amount of available daylight is harvested into the tube opening.

Here’s how it works

Solarspot’s RIR ® Light Funnel uses prism technology to affect the path of light that enters the dome on the roof. The ultra- fine Fresnel prismic lens is suspended in the opening of the tube to refract (bend) low-level light down into the system rather than letting it pass straight out the other side of the dome. This is particularly noticeable at the beginning and of the day when the sun is lower in the sky. It can also provide an invaluable boost to the performance of a system by increasing the levels of natural light delivered during winter months.

Another area where the RIR ® system is on-hand to significantly increase light delivery is on north-facing roofs. In this situation, where the tube opening is always in shadow, the RIR Light Funnel system is able to capture sunlight that shines across the roof and refract it down into the tube.

How does the Solarspot dome compare to other systems?

Solarspot are not the only company to use Fresnel lens technology in an effort to maximise daylight capture. Some other manufacturers use Fresnel lenses in their systems, however these are moulded into the dome itself rather than locating the lens inside the tube mouth as on the Solarspot. And this is where the big difference in daylight harvesting occurs.

When the lens is combined with the dome it not only acts as a refractor but also works as a reflector – sending light away from the tube rather than directing it in. In fact, the lens is actually designed to restrict light from entering the system at certain points in the day. This is fine if you’re located in California where bright sunlight is there in abundance but not what’s required for us in the UK.

To sum it up; the crystal-clear dome and RIR ® Light Funnel in the Solarspot system will significantly increase the amount of light entering the top of the tube, ensuring that more daylight is delivered to your room than with any other system.