Solarspot® Dome

Advanced dome technologies for maximum light capture

The amount of light you get out from a light pipe is proportionate to the amount of light that goes in. That’s why Solarspot® Tubular Daylighting Systems employ light harvesting technology to ensure that as much of the available light enters the pipe as possible. This is particularly important on roofs that don’t face south. RIR® Fresnel lens technologies ensure that 360° light capture takes place, regardless of the location of the unit on the roof.

Solarspot roof domes are vacuum-formed from impact-resistant, crystal clear acrylic to guarantee maximum light transmittance. The unique dome geometry maximizes light collection while providing a maintenance-free surface that is cleansed by the elements. Our polycarbonate condensation lens, located just below the lens ensures the system meets UK fire regulations.


Solarspot® domes are engineered to minimise unnecessary surface area to avoid ‘solar-bounce’ (valuable light being lost through reflectance off the dome surface) so that the maximum amount of light enters the dome.


RIR® light capture system

We also employ a suspended Fresnel lens refractor system, RIR® ‘light funnel’ to redirect light, as it enters the dome from lower angles, to direct it down into the tube.

In real terms, this could mean as much as twice as much light entering the top of the tube than on any other system.


Avoid domes with moulded lenses

On a dome with integrated lens a significant amount of light is stopped by the lens itself. The lens is designed to even out light throughout the day, actually blocking out midday light – fine if you live in a sunny country but not suitable for the UK.



Standard clear dome - non-Solarspot®

On an ordinary dome with no RIR Light Funnel system, low-level light just passes straight through the dome and not down into the tube.