Vegalux® – advanced light delivery technology

All Solarspot systems employ tubing manufactured from Vegalux® – anodised aluminium sheets laminated with 3m Daylighting DF2000MA film, the most reflective tubing material in the world. At 99.7% reflectivity, no other technology will deliver as much light. And even though some competitor systems boast figures of up to 98%, in a typical installation, this could mean that 30% of the original light volume is lost, compared to around 6% in a Solarspot® Daylighting System.

Flexible-duct systems would be delivering around 10% of original light – losing over 90%.

All of this may sound complicated but it’s actually quite simple; every time light bounces off a surface it loses energy (light).

For example, if the light has to bounce 20 times to get from one end of the tube to the other then it will lose energy every bounce. With Vegalux® only 0.3% of the energy is lost on each bounce. The next best material, at 98%, will lose 2% each bounce. Over twenty bounces, that really adds up.

The illustration below shows how the different materials deliver very different levels of light.

Vegalux extension tubes are available in a variety of lengths from 200mm to 1.2m. In addition, we produce a range of angle adapters to ensure a hassle free installation.